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I'm a design-minded Web, Software & Hardware Engineer focused on building beautiful interfaces & great experiences. Currently, I'm living in Austria’s beautiful capital Vienna and working hard to make this life a wonderful adventure by bridging the gap between people and technology.

I'm experienced as a Data Scientist, having been the core of the data science team at a security company KIVU Technologies and supervised the Data Science Track at a private coding academy. Presently, I am with 1Action GmbH delving into Embedded systems, AI, Robotics and Digital Signal Processing.

I still hold connecting with people incredibly important though, and enjoy having deep conversations about important and/or inspiring ideas.

Also, I love Marmite.



  • October 2019 - present

    1Action GmbH


    Software & Hardware Engineer

    Developing, tuning and optimising DSP algorithms and features for audio in C/C++ and Python;
    Extensive work with JUCE framework;
    Research & Development in the area of Artificial Intelligence algorithms (using TensorFlow 2);
    Design and programming of audio applications (desktop and mobile) using Bluetooth, microcontroller, sensors and audio signal processing devices.

    A sample project: development of a low-cost single-axis precision linear motion-control system, reducing it to a single electromagnet solenoid and a spring as opposed to using linear motors or stepper drivers. The topic involves exploring numerical algorithms for building closed-loop feedback control.
    You can check it out by following this and this link.

  • September 2018 - October 2019

    Code Factory GmbH

    Coding Academy

    Data Scientist, Web-Developer & Programming Instructor

    Teaching courses in the field of Full-Stack Web-Development according to the following curriculum:
       Front-End Web-Development:
       Version Control (Git -GitHub), HTML5, CSS3 (SASS), JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap, Project Documentation, TypeScript, Angular Framework
       Back-End Web-Development:
       SQL (MySQL), SCRUM & Requirements Engineering, PHP, AJAX, Symfony PHP framework, WordPress, Software Testing, Complementary skills

    Development of the curriculum and teaching a brand new Data Science Track, consisting of:
       Python Programming course
       Data Analysis and Visualization course
       Machine Learning course

  • November 2017 - September 2018

    KIVU Technologies GmbH

    Security Company

    Data Scientist

    Development of an extensive data mining platform for multiple social networks (Python, Selenium);
    Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing algorithms (Python and R);
    Statistical data analysis (esp. Graph analysis, Business analysis and Telecom);
    Data enrichment;
    Data visualisation (using custom-created tools as well as Python visualisation libraries);
    Statistical BigData analysis (C, Python);
    Writing of reports, preparation of customer projects.

  • October 2012 - June 2017

    United Nations Organisation, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, ...


    Interpreter (freelancer)

    Real-time and consecutive translation between English and Russian during a number of official events,
    covering a large variety of topics, ranging from history and politics to technology and economy.



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